Harpy is a new MemeCoin on the Solana Network and Harpy and Friends will let Solana Fly!!

Harpy can’t fly yet…he first needs to build confident and that’s why he needs his Community! Join Harpy on his Journey! Learn him how to fly and we fly together! 

HarpyCoin Presale Phase 2 is Live


Pre Sale Raised Phase 2


Pre Sale Goal Phase 2


Pre Sale Total Raised

Phase 1 -> COMPLETED
Raised $ 25.000

Current Raised $ 240
Phase 2 -> 1 $SOL = 57,000 $HPY

Phase 2 -> 1 $SOL = 57,000 $HPY (142,500.000 / 2500 $SOL) 1 $HPY = $0.002368



HarpyCoin Explanation – Contribute the Presale – Don’t Fade Harpy!
Who is harpy

HarpyCoin and Friends

Are you tired of cats and dogs in the Crypto Space?!

Meet Harpy and Friends….they flies the SOL directly into your wallet….Transparent, Based, Safe, KYC and AUDIT. Harpy likes it when everything is SAFU and makes him fly easier and with confident…. Do you want to be an early adopter….BUY NOW!